New manuscript: PARG inhibitors part 2

Delighted to bring you a hot-off-the-press story, a manuscript that we have deposited on Biorxiv. Dr Cam Coulson-Gilmer, a post-doc in the team, has performed a detailed characterisation of 10 ovarian cancer cell lines in response to a PARG inhibitor, segregating them into six that are resistant and four are sensitive. Cam shows that sensitivity correlates with several markers of persistent DNA replication stress, and using Nanostring technology she shows that the PARGi-sen

New manuscript: Synthesis and comparison of Bub1 inhibitors

Congratulation to Ilma Amalina, not only has she successfully defended her PhD thesis but her thesis work is now available on Biorxiv. We have had a long standing interest in the Bub1, a serine/threonine kinase involved in both the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) and mitotic chromosome alignment. It is well documented that Bub1 phosphorylates Histone 2A at T120 (H2ApT120) which is required for recruitment of Sgo1 to centromeres. Small-molecule inhibitors are invaluable tool